Don Zagier

This webpage contains a list of my publications, and also links to the PDF files of all papers (but not of books; you'll have to either go to the bookstore or else pirate your own copies). The list contains the bibliographical information (journal, page numbers, …) for papers that are already published, but the corresponding PDF files are often my own versions and may differ slightly from the published one, in particular in the formatting and numbering.

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, the principal institution at which I work, is listed below, again with links. The complete postal addresses and office telephone numbers are also given. To reach me by e-mail, please use the address dbz @ mpim-bonn . mpg . de for personal or mathematical correspondence and don . zagier @ mpim-bonn . mpg . de for professional correspondence (committees, conferences, refereeing, … ) or any matters connected with the MPIM or Bonn University.

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Vivatsgasse 7
53111 Bonn, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 228 402 233
Sec. (Ms. M. Mäkelä): (+49) 228 402 229


Research articles

  1. Expansion of an n -point function as a sum of commutators
    J. Math. Phys. 11 (1970) 3253-3257 (pdf)
  2. Relations among invariants of circle actions on three-manifolds
    Math. Annalen 195 (1972) 321-329 (pdf)
  3. The Pontrjagin class of an orbit space
    Topology 11 (1972) 253-264 (pdf)
  4. Higher dimensional Dedekind sums
    Math. Annalen 202 (1973) 149-172 (pdf)
  5. Formes modulaires à une et deux variables
    C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris (A) 279 (1974) 683-686 (pdf)
  6. A Kronecker limit formula for real quadratic fields
    Math. Annalen 213 (1975) 153-184 (pdf)
  7. Nombres de classes et formes modulaires de poids 3/2
    C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris (A) 281 (1975) 883-886 (pdf)
  8. Modular forms associated to real quadratic fields
    Invent. Math. 30 (1975) 1-46 (pdf)
  9. Nombres de classes et fractions continues
    Journées Arithmétiques de Bordeaux, Astérisque 24-25 (1975) 81-97 (pdf)
  10. On the values at negative integers of the zeta-function of a real quadratic field
    L'Enseignement Mathématique 22 (1976) 55-95 (pdf)
  11. (with F. Hirzebruch) Classification of Hilbert modular surfaces
    in Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry, Iwanami Shoten & Cambridge Univ. Press, Tokyo (1977) 43-77 (pdf)
  12. (with F. Hirzebruch) Intersection numbers of curves on Hilbert modular surfaces and modular forms of Nebentypus
    Invent. Math. 36 (1976) 57-113 (pdf)
  13. Traces des opérateurs de Hecke
    Séminaire Delange-Pisot-Poitou 1975-1976, Exposé No. 23, 12 pages (pdf)
    reprinted (in English translation) as: The Eichler-Selberg trace formula on SL_2(\Bbb Z) ,
    Appendix to S. Lang, Introduction to Modular Forms, Grundlehren d. math. Wiss. 222, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1976) 44-54 (pdf)
    Correction in Modular Forms of One Variable VI, Lecture Notes in Math. 627, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1977) 171-173 (pdf)
  14. Een ongelijkheid tegengesteld aan die van Cauchy
    Proc. Koninkl. Ned. Akad. v. Wetensch. (Indag. Math.) 80 (1977) 349-351 (pdf)
  15. Valeurs des fonctions zêta des corps quadratiques réels aux entiers négatifs
    Journées Arithmétiques de Caen 1976, Astérisque 41-42 (1977) 135-151 (pdf)
  16. Modular forms whose Fourier coefficients involve zeta-functions of quadratic fields
    in Modular Functions of One Variable VI, Lecture Notes in Math. 627, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1977) 105-169 (pdf)
  17. (with G. van der Geer) The Hilbert modular group for the field \Bbb Q(\sqrt{13})
    Invent. math. 42 (1977) 93-133 (pdf)
  18. (with S. Suter) Dilatationen von abelschen Gruppen
    L'Enseignement Math. 24 (1978) 125-142 (pdf)
  19. (with H. Stark) A property of L -functions on the real line
    J. Number Theory 12 (1980) 49-52 (pdf)
  20. (with A. Libgober and J. Wood) Congruences modulo powers of 2 for the signature of complete intersections
    Quart. J. of Math. 31 (1980) 209-218 (pdf)
  21. (with W. Kohnen) Values of L -series of modular forms at the center of the critical strip
    Invent. Math. 64 (1980) 175-198 (pdf)
  22. Sur la conjecture de Saito-Kurokawa (d'après H. Maass)
    Séminaire de Théorie des Nombres, Paris 1979-1980 (Sém. Delange-Pisot-Poitou), Progr. in Math. 12, Birkhäuser-Verlag, Boston-Basel-Stuttgart (1980) 372-394 (pdf)
  23. (with B. Gross) On the critical values of Hecke L -series
    in Fonctions abéliennes et nombres transcendants, D. Bertrand and M. Waldschmidt (eds.), Mémoire de la Soc. Math. de France 2 (1980) 49-54 (pdf)
  24. Eisenstein series and the Riemann zeta function
    in Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory and Arithmetic, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1981) 275-301 (pdf)
  25. Eisenstein series and the Selberg trace formula. I
    in Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory and Arithmetic, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1981) 303-355 (pdf)
  26. (with G. Roland and N. Yui) A parametric family of quintic polynomials with Galois group D_5
    J. Number Theory 15 (1982) 137-142 (pdf)
  27. The Rankin-Selberg method for automorphic functions which are not of rapid decay
    J. Fac. Sci. Tokyo 28 (1982) 415-438 (pdf)
  28. (with M. Eichler) On the zeros of the Weierstrass \wp -function
    Math. Annalen 258 (1982) 399-407 (pdf)
  29. On the number of Markoff numbers below a given bound
    Math. Comp. 39 (1982) 709-733 (pdf)
  30. On the decomposability of the Gini coefficient and other indices of inequality
    J. Math. Econ. 12 (1983) 104-118 (pdf)
  31. (with W. Kohnen) Modular forms with rational periods
    in Modular Forms, R.A. Rankin (ed.), Ellis Horwood, Chichechester (1984) 197-249 (pdf)
  32. Asymptotics and congruence properties of the a_n
    Appendix to M. Newman and D. Shanks, "On a sequence arising for series for \pi "
    Math. Comp. 42 (1984) 199-217 (appendix: pp. 212-216) (pdf)
  33. (with J. Buhler and B. Gross) On the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for an elliptic curve of rank 3
    Math. Comp. 44 (1985) 473-481 (pdf)
  34. (with W. Neumann) A note on an invariant of Fintushel and Stern
    in Geometry and Topology (Proceedings, Univ. of Maryland 1983-1984), Lecture Notes in Math. 1167, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1985) 241-244 (pdf)
  35. Modular points, modular curves, modular surfaces and modular forms
    in Arbeitstagung Bonn 1984, Lecture Notes 1111, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1985) 225-248 (pdf)
  36. Hyperbolic manifolds and special values of Dedekind zeta functions
    Invent. Math. 83 (1986) 285-302 (pdf)
  37. (with B. Gross) Singular moduli
    J. reine Angew. Math. 355 (1985) 191-220 (pdf)
  38. (with J. Lagarias and A. Odlyzko) On the capacity of disjointly shared networks
    Computer Networks 10 (1985) 275-285 (pdf)
  39. Modular parametrizations of elliptic curves
    Can. Math. Bull. 28 (1984) 372-384 (pdf)
  40. (with W. Neumann) Volumes of hyperbolic three-manifolds
    Topology 24 (1985) 307-332 (pdf)
  41. Volume of R_3
    Appendix to M. Jankins and W. Neumann, "Rotation numbers of products of circle homeomorphisms"
    Math. Ann. 271 (1985) 381-400 (appendix: pp. 398-400) (pdf)
  42. (with B. Gross) Heegner points and derivative of L -series
    Invent. Math. 85 (1986) 225-320 (pdf)
  43. (with J. Harer) The Euler characteristic of the moduli space of curves
    Invent. Math. 85 (1986) 457-485 (pdf)
  44. (with H. Jacquet) Eisenstein series and the Selberg trace formula. II
    Trans. AMS 300 (1987) 1-48 (pdf)
  45. Large integral points on elliptic curves
    Math. Comp. 48 (1987) 425-436 (pdf)
    Addendum in Math. Comp. 51 (1988) 375 (pdf)
  46. (with B. Gross and W. Kohnen) Heegner points and derivatives of L -series. II
    Math. Annalen 278 (1987) 497-562 (pdf)
  47. Note on the Landweber-Stong elliptic genus
    in Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms in Algebraic Topology, Proceedings, Princeton 1986, Lecture Notes 1326, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (1988) 216-224 (pdf)
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    J. Ind. Math. Soc. 52 (1987) 51-69 (pdf)
  49. (with N. Skoruppa) A trace formula for Jacobi forms
    J. reine Angew. Math. 393 (1989) 168-198 (pdf)
  50. (with N. Skoruppa) Jacobi forms and a certain space of modular forms
    Invent. Math. 94 (1988) 113-146 (pdf)
  51. On an approximate identity of Ramanujan
    Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. 97 (1987) 313-324 (pdf)
  52. Proof of the identity (28)
    Appendix to H. Gillet and C. Soulé, "Analytic torsion and the arithmetic Todd genus"
    Topology 30 (1991) 21-54 (appendix: pp. 48-52) (pdf)
  53. The Bloch-Wigner-Ramakrishnan polylogarithm function
    Math. Annalen 286 (1990) 613-624 (pdf)
  54. The Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture from a naive point of view
    in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry (G. v.d. Geer, F. Oort, J. Steenbrink, eds.), Prog. in Math. 89, Birkhäuser, Boston (1990) 377-389 (pdf)
  55. Polylogarithms, Dedekind zeta functions, and the algebraic K-theory of fields
    in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry (G. v.d. Geer, F. Oort, J. Steenbrink, eds.), Prog. in Math. 89, Birkhäuser, Boston (1990) 391-430 (pdf)
  56. A one-sentence proof that every prime p\equiv1\pmod4 is a sum of two squares
    Amer. Math. Monthly 97 (1990) 144 (pdf)
  57. Periods of modular forms and Jacobi theta functions
    Invent. math. 104 (1991) 449-465 (pdf)
  58. Hecke operators and periods of modular forms
    Israel Math. Conf. Proc. 3 (1990) 321-336 (pdf)
  59. (with J. Alexander) The entropy of a certain infinitely convolved Bernoulli measure
    J. Lond. Math. Soc. 44 (1991) 121-134 (pdf)
  60. (with YJ. Choie) Rational period functions for PSL(2,\Bbb Z)
    in A Tribute to Emil Grosswald: Number Theory and Related Analysis, Contemporary Mathematics, 143, AMS, Providence (1993) 89-107 (pdf)
  61. Some strange 3-adic identities (Solution to Problem 6625)
    Amer. Math. Monthly 99 (1992) 66-69 (pdf)
  62. (with S. Gupta) On the coefficients of the minimal polynomials of Gaussian periods
    Math. Comp. 60 (1993) 385-398 (pdf)
  63. Realizability of a model in infinite statistics
    Commun. Math. Phys. 147 (1992) 199-210 (pdf)
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    Acta Arithmetica 73 (1995) 389-396 (pdf)
  74. On the distribution of the number of cycles of elements in symmetric groups
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  75. A converse to Cauchy's inequality
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  114. Evaluation of S(m,n)
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