Topics in 4-dimensionalal topology, Montags 12:15 - 14:00

MPIM Lecture Hall and Zoom (Id: 960 9156 6263)

Rob Schneiderman and Pete Teichner, Fall 2022

Notes on Whitney towers

Oct. 10, Pete: Topic 1a, Knots, Links and the group of 2-spheres in 4-space.

Oct. 17, Rob: Intro to Whitney towers, Part 1A.

Oct. 24, Rob: Intro to Whitney towers, Part 1B.

Oct. 31, Pete: Topic 2a, Link homotopy in 3-space. Lecture as Video

Nov. 7, Rob+Pete: Topic 2b, Lectures as Video

Milnor invariants via Whitney towers and in link homotopy.

Nov. 14, Rob: Link homotopy and non-repeating Whitney towers.

              Pete: Topic 2c, same title.

Nov. 21, Rob: Last proofs.

Nov. 28, Pete: Topic 3a, Configurations, Whitney towers and the space of link maps.

From Chern-Simons to Goodwillie-Weiss, a talk in St. Etienne de TineĢe, 2018.

Dec. 5, Pete: Topic 3b, Configurations spaces and Whitney towers.

Lecture as Video

Dec. 12, Pete: Topic 3c, Homotopy generators for the total fibre of the configuration cube.

Dec. 19, Rob: Repeating Milnor invariants via twisted Whitney towers.

Lecture as Video

Jan. 9, Rob: Twisted Whitney towers and higher Arf-invariants.

Jan. 16, Pete: Whitney towers and homotopy limits.

Jan. 23, Oberwolfach break

Jan. 30, Rob: Higher order intersection invariants for arbitrary 4-manifolds.