The A-polynomial A_p of double twist knots K_{p,p} is computed via a maxima program of Vu Huynh for p=2,...,8. Notice that A_p is a polynomial in M,L with integer coefficients, and has two factors, the geometric one with multiplicity one, and a nongeometric factor with multiplicity 2. K_{p,p} is obtained by (1/p,1/p) surgery on the Borromean link, and K_{2,2}=7_4.

The quantum A-polynomial Ahat_p of double twist knots K_{p,p} for p=2..5. Beware of byte size: p=5 is a 1.G zipped file.

A table CJ_p of the first 20 values of the colored Jones polynomial of K_{p,p} for p=2..5.