Christian Blohmann

Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik
Vivatsgasse 7
53111 Bonn

Phone: +49-288-402-302
Office: 302

Short CV

I have studied Physics and Mathematics in Konstanz, Paris, and Göttingen. I got my PhD from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. My thesis was on the representation theory of the quantum Poincaré algebra. My advisor was Julius Wess, my coadvisor Hans-Jürgen Schneider. After my PhD, I spent some time as postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute and Jacobs University Bremen. From 2005 on I was Marie-Curie fellow and lecturer at the Math Department of the University of California, Berkeley. My mentor in Berkeley is Alan Weinstein. 2007-2009 I was Akademischer Rat (something like a lecturer) at the University of Regensburg in the group of Uli Bunke. During the academic year 2009/2010 I held a temporary chair in Regensburg. Since Fall 2010 I am a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.

Research Projects

Here are some of my current research projects: My earlier projects have dealt with noncommutative differential calculus and wave equations on quantum Minkowski space (with Fabian Bachmaier), the calculation of universal Drinfeld twists, the algebraic structure and representation theory of the quantum Poincare algebra, and the construction of theories of gravity on noncommutative spaces (with Paolo Aschieri, Marija Dimitrijevic, Frank Meyer, Peter Schupp, and Julius Wess).


Projects / work in progress


  1. Groupoid symmetry and constraints in general relativity. 1: kinematics
    (with Marco Fernandes and Alan Weinstein)
  2. Stacky Lie groups
    Int. Math. Res. Notices 2008 (2008), article ID: rnn082, 51 pages, math.SG/0701499
  3. Group-like objects in Poisson geometry and algebra
    (with Alan Weinstein)
    in: Poisson Geometry in Mathematics and Physics, Contemp. Math. 450 (2008), 25-40, math.SG/0701499
  4. Hopfish structure and modules over irrational rotation algebras
    (with Xiang Tang and Alan Weinstein)
    in: Non-commutative Geometry in Mathematics and Physics, Contemp. Math. 462 (2008), 23-40,
  5. Separation of noncommutative differential calculus on quantum Minkowski space
    (with Fabian Bachmaier)
    J. Math. Phys. 47 (2006), no. 2, 023501, 22 pp.,
  6. A Gravity theory on noncommutative spaces
    (with P. Aschieri, M. Dimitrijevic, F. Meyer, P. Schupp, and J. Wess)
    Class. Quant. Grav. 22 (2005), 3511-3532, hep-th/0504183
  7. Reconstruction of universal Drinfeld twists from representations
    J. Math. Phys. 46 (2005), no. 5, 053519, 17 pp.,
  8. Computation of the universal Drinfeld twist for quantum su(2)
    in: Noncommutative geometry and representation theory in mathematical physics,
    Contemp. Math. 391 (2005), 11-19
  9. Perturbative symmetries on noncommutative spaces
    Int. J. Mod. Phys. A19 (2004), no. 32, 5693-5706,
  10. Realization of q-deformed spacetime as star product by a Drinfeld twist
    in: GROUP 24: Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetries,
    IoP Conference Series 173, 443-446, math.QA/0402199
  11. Covariant realization of quantum spaces as star products by Drinfeld twists
    J. Math. Phys. 44 (2003), 4736-4755, math.QA/0209180
  12. Free q-deformed relativistic wave equations by representation theory
    Eur. Phys. J. 30 (2003), 435-445, hep-th/0111172
  13. Spin in the q-Poincare algebra
    Commun. Math. Phys. 243 (2003), 329-342, math.QA/0111008



Lists of most of my papers can also be found on the arXiv, MathSciNet (access may be restricted), and SPIRES.


Here are some of my upcoming/recent talks and conferences.

Mar 24 2011 Geometry Seminar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul
Mar 17 2011 Courant Research Centre, Göttingen
Dec 20 2010 Workshop on Geometry and Topology, Utrecht
Dec 10 2010 Witten Genus Seminar, Bonn
Nov 30 2010 Oberseminar Globale Analysis, Bonn
Oct 25-29 2010 Higher Structures in Mathematics and Physics 2010, ESI (no talk given)
Sep 10 2010 ESI Program on Higher Structures in Mathematics and Physics
Sep 10 2010 Seminar on the Classification of TQFTs, Augsburg/Regensburg
June 3-5 2010 Higher Structures in Topology and Geometry IV, Courant Center Göttingen (no talk given)
May 4 2010 Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn
Jan 19 2010 Universität Augsburg, Oberseminar Algebra und Zahlentheorie
Dec 12 2009 TU München, Seminar on "Classifying spaces of cobordism categories"
Jul 10 2009 Universität Augsburg/Regensburg Seminar on "The chiral de Rham complex"
Jul 6 2009 Universität Freiburg, Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie
Apr 6-9 2009 Workshop Kontsevich formality theory and Duflo isomorphism, IMPAN, Warsaw
Mar 19-21 2009 Mathematical Mythologies and the Dialectic of Enlightenment, Freiburg
Feb 5-6 2009 Workshop Higher Structures in Differential Geometry II, Göttingen (no talk given)
Jan 9 2009 Augsburg/Regensburg Seminar: Vertex Operator Algebras and Zhu's Theorem
4-6 Dec 2008 Supersymmetry and Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory, ESI, Wien
2 Dec 2008 Seminar on Quantization, noncommutative geometry and symmetry, Nijmegen
24 Nov 2008 Miniworkshop Higher Structures in Differential Geometry, Göttingen
21 Nov 2008 Seminar Fundamentale Wechselwirkungen, Freiburg
10-12 Sep 2008   V Seminar on Categories and Applications (SeCa V), Pontevedra, Spain
3 Sep 2008 Geometry of singular spaces seminar, UC Berkeley
6 Aug - 6 Sep 2008   Visit at UC Berkeley
5-13 Jul 2008 Poisson 2008, Lausanne, Switzerland (no talk given)
18 Apr 2008 Constant scalar curvature in Kähler geometry and GIT, Augsburg/Regensburg
17 Apr 2008 Oberseminar Globale Analysis, Regensburg


Past courses

SS 2010 Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Statistik (Vorlesung)
WS 2009/10 Analysis III für Physiker (Vorlesung)
Topologische Quantenfeldtheorie (Seminar/Hauptseminar), mit Uli Bunke
SS 2009 Darstellungstheorie von Lie-Algebren und Lie-Gruppen (Seminar/Hauptseminar)
WS 2008/09 Höhere Strukturen in Geometrie und Algebra (Vorlesung)
Lineare Algebra und analytische Geometrie (Proseminar)
SS 2008 Liegruppoide (Vorlesung)
Algebra und Zahlentheorie (Klausurenkurs für das Staatsexamen)
WS 2007/08 Lineare Algebra I, Übungen
Spring 2007    Symplectic geometry seminar (coorganizer)
Fall 2006 Symplectic geometry (lecture course)
Symplectic geometry seminar (coorganizer)
Fall 2005 Symplectic geometry (exercises)
Jacobs University:
Fall 2004 Lie Groups and Lie Algebras (lecture course)

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