Peter Teichner's Homepage

Professor Emeritus at the

Department of Mathematics

University of California in Berkeley

Director of the

Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik

Vivatsgasse 7, 53111 Bonn

Berkeley Topology Seminar

Wed. 2:10 - 3:00, pausing

Max Planck Institut Bonn, virtual Spring 2021

Higher Geometry Seminar

Wednesdays 10:30 - 12, pausing

MPIM Oberseminar

Thursdays  15 - 16, pausing

MPIM Topology Seminar

Mondays 14:00 - 15:00, Zoom

Bonn Topology Seminar

Tuesdays 17 - 18, Uni Bonn, Zoom

UC Berkeley, Spring 2020

MSRI Semester Program on Higher Categories and Categorification

Joint with David Ayala, Clark Barwick, Emily Riehl, Marcy Robertson and Dominic Verity

Turned virtual in March 2020.

Clay Senior Scholars