Peter Teichner and Lukas Brantner

Wed 11:10 - 12:40 in 891 Evans in March and April

March 14: Peter Teichner, Introduction to TMF via the Witten genus

March 22 (Thursday at 11:10 in 740 Evans): Danica and Matthias, Complex oriented cohomology theories, formal group laws, Landweber exactness, examples.

March 26 (Monday at 2:10 in 740 Evans): Bertram and Matthias, Stack of formal groups, flatness conditions and proof of Landweber’s exact functor theorem.

April 4 (in 736 Evans): Daniel and Alex,

Spectral Artin representability and the moduli stack of elliptic curves

SAG and EC1 2.4.1

April 11: Lukas and Eugene, p-divisible groups and their deformations

EC2 3.4.1, SAG 7.0.1

April 18: Achim and Ben, Orientations of spectral elliptic curves

EC2 Section 4.3, 6.0.3

April 25: Bertram and Augusto, Definition of the commutative ring spectrum TMF

EC2 7.0.1, 7.0.3

References include:





Block Seminar, Spring 2018:

Elliptic Cohomology, following Jacob Lurie