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I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute at Bonn. I was a postdoctoral visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Previously I was a graduate student at Louisiana State University working under the supervision of Milen Yakimov.


Recently, I have been interested in the structure theory of algebras arising from the study of quivers with potential. I am most interested in the link between these algebras and their relationship with the categorification of cluster algebras. Another interest of mine is in the categorification of cluster algebras via perverse sheaves on Nakajima's graded quiver varieties. My curriculum vitae is available here .

I am a coorganizer of the Special Session on Cluster Algebra, Poisson Geometry, and Related Topics (Oct 2018).

We organized the Summer School on Geometric Representation Theory at IST Austria on July 9 - 13, 2018.

Papers in preparation

  • Infinite friezes and triangulations of an annulus with Karin Baur, Ilke Canacki, Karin Jacobsen and Gordana Todorov
  • Notes

  • Notes on energy of a quiver
  • Preprints

  • Dimer models on cylinders over Dynkin diagrams and cluster algebras (to appear in Proceedings of the AMS)
  • with Pramod Achar and Jacob Matherne Combinatorics of Fourier Transform for type A quiver representations (submitted)
  • Rigid potentials for cluster algebras on double Bruhat cells arXiv:1811.02428 [math.RT] (submitted)

    Software developed

  • (Together with J. Matherne and B. Strasser) SageMath software for producing BFZ quivers on cylinders over Dynkin diagrams.

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