Arthur Bartels, Higher dimensional links are singular slice,

UC San Diego 1999, now Professor at Münster University,

Jim Conant, Vassiliev invariants and embedded gropes,

UC San Diego 2001, now Professor at University of Tennessee, Knoxville,

Henning Hohnhold, Susy in the Stolz-Teichner Project on Elliptic Cohomology, UC San Diego 2006, now at Google,

Tom Fleming, Generalized Link Homotopy Invariants,

UC San Diego 2006, continued at Goldman-Sachs,

Jana Comstock, A Finite Presentation of Knotted Trivalent Graphs,

UC San Diego 2007, now teaching Highschool,

David Spivak, Derived smooth manifolds, UC Berkeley 2007, now Postdoc at MIT,

Fei Han, Susy QFTs, Super Loop Spaces and Bismut-Chern Character, UC Berkeley 2008, now Professor at National University of Singapore,

Chris Schommer-Pries, The Classification of 2-Dimensional Extended Topological Field Theories, UC Berkeley 2009, now Assistant Professor at Notre Dame,

Arturo Prat-Waldron, Pfaffian Line Bundles on Loop Space, Spin Structures and Index Theorems, UC Berkeley 2009, now Postdoc at MPIM,

Matthias Görner, Visualizing Regular Tesselations, UC Berkeley 2011,

now at Pixar Studios, Emmeryville,

Qin Li, Pontrjagin forms on certain string homogeneous spaces,

UC Berkeley 2011, now Postdoc at University of S & T of China, Hefei,

Alan Tarr, Smooth and homotopy field theories,

UC Berkeley 2011, now at Credit Suisse, New York City,

Dmitry Pavlov, Algebraic tensor products of L^p-spaces,

UC Berkeley 2011, now SFB Postdoc in Regensburg,

Dan Berwick-Evans, Supersymmetric sigma models, partition functions and the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet Theorem,

UC Berkeley 2013, now Postdoc at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,

Nate Watson, Non-Simplicial Nerves for Two-Dimensional Categorical Structures, UC Berkeley 2014, now at Zenefits, San Francisco,

Shawn McDougal, Representing Sato-Levine Invariants by Whitney Tower Intersections, UC Berkeley 2014, now teaching full-time at Berkeley City College and continuing a community democracy project in Oakland,

Stefan Behrens, Smooth 4-manifolds and surface diagrams,

University of Bonn 2014 (funded by IMPRS), now Postdoc in Nijmegen.

Aaron Mazel-Gee, Model infinity-categories,

UC Berkeley 2016, now Zassenhaus Assistant Professor at Ohio State University.

Current PhD students: Alex Körschgen, Achim Krause, Daniel Brügmann, Bertram Arnold, Danica Kosanovic (all Bonn, funded by IMPRS),

Eugene Rabinovich, Michael Klug (both Berkeley)

Masters students in Bonn: Lars Borutzky, Kim Nguyen, Daniel Brügmann,

Marco Castronovo, Bertram Arnold, Frank Zickenheiner, Riccardo Pedrotti,

Yuqing Shi, Ben Ruppik


Arturo, Peter and Chris in 1015 Evans.

Graduate Students and their PhD thesis