Math 290, Student Seminar, Spring 2017


Instructor: Peter Teichner

Meetings: Th 5:10 - 6:30 in 939 Evans

CCN: 18363

Office Hours: 703 Evans, by appointment

Prerequisites: Basic analysis, geometry, topology and algebra.

Students will give lectures about a topic of their interest.

Jan. 26: Bertram Arnold: Introductions to Quillen’ super connections

Feb. 2: Bertram Arnold: Quillen connections give Euclidean field theories

Feb. 9: Achim Krause: Introduction to motivic homotopy theory

Feb. 16: Achim Krause: New self-maps in motivic homotopy theory

Feb. 23: Daniel Brügmann: Contractible unitary groups of von Neumann algebras

Mar. 2: Stephan Stolz: A super geometric interpretation of equivariant de Rham cohomology

Mar. 9: David Gepner: Bivariant theories, global homotopy theory, and elliptic cohomology

Mar. 16, no talk, Thomas Nikolaus speaks in the colloquium

Mar. 23: Danica Kosanovic: Arf invariants in low dimensional topology