MPIM Topology Seminar, 2017/18


Montags 16:30 - 18:00, Hörsaal MPIM

August 4, 2017: Danica Kosanovich

Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants of tangles and 3-manifolds

August 7: Rob Schneiderman and Peter Teichner

Kontsevich integral of string links, grope cobordism and Whitney towers

August 14: Eugene Rabinovich

The Path from Perturbative Chern-Simons Theory to Knot Invariants

August 21: Arumina Ray

Le-Murakami-Ohtsuki invariants of links and 3-manifolds

August 28: Peter Feller

Habiro’s integrality results for LMO-invariants

September 4: JungHwan Park

The Kontsevich integral revisited

September 11: Andrew Lobb

The Khovanov space and generalizations

September 18: Mark Powell

Surface systems of links and refined triple linking numbers

September 25: Danica Kosanovic

A categorical approach to universal knot invariants

October 2: Chris Davis

Knots in homology spheres and the solvable filtration

October 9: Yuqing Shi

Compactified configuration spaces and knot invariants

October 16: Peter Teichner

Goodwillie-Weiss calculus and Feynman diagrams

October 23: Chris Elliott

Topological Twists of Factorization Algebras

November 6: Achim Krause

Knot invariants from cosimplicial spaces of configurations

November 13: Hirzebruch Colloquium by Walter Neumann

Course Geometry

November 20: Peter Teichner

Feynman diagrams and a spectral sequence for the space of knots.

November 27: Min Hoon Kim

The bipolar filtration of topologically slice knots

December 4: Jae Choon Cha

Transfinite Milnor invariants of 3-manifolds

December 18: Matthias Nagel

Multivariable signatures, genus bounds, and 0.5-solvable cobordisms

January 8, 2018: Ben Knudsen

Subdivisional spaces and graph braid groups

January 22, 2018: Aru Ray

Cabling and the solvable filtration of knot concordance

January 29, 2018: Lorant Szegedy

Topological field theory on r-spin surfaces and the Arf invariant

February 19, 2018: JungHwan Park

A ribbon obstruction and derivatives of knots

February 26, 2018: Paolo Aceto

Rational homology cobordisms of plumbed manifolds and arborescent link concordance

May 7, 2018: Peter Feller


May 14, 2018: Jan Pulmann


June 11, 2018: Chris Davis,