Math 270, Hot Topics Course, Spring 2017:

Topics in Factorization Algebras


Instructors: Peter Teichner

Lectures: Tu 3:40 - 5:00 in 5 Evans.

CCN: 18345

Office Hours: 703 Evans, Tu. 2:30 - 3:30 and by appointment

Prerequisites: Basic analysis, geometry, topology and algebra.

Jan. 24, Peter Teichner, Survey of course content

Jan. 31, Chern lecture

Feb. 7, Peter Teichner, Introduction to factorization algebras

Feb. 14, Joseph Fluegemann, First examples of factorization algebras

Feb. 21, Aaron Bruckner, Cohomological description of expectation values

Feb. 28, Kevin Donoghue, Holomorphic factorization algebras give vertex algebras

March 7, Eugene Rabinovich, Examples of holomorphic factorization algebras

March 14, Daniel Brügmann, Conformals nets as factorization algebras

March 21, Bertram Arnold, The Witten genus via factorization algebras

April 4, Ben Gammage,  Twisted super gravity

April 11, Ammar Hussain, Yangians via factorization algebras

April 18,

April 25, Brian Williams, Aspects of higher dimensional holomorphic theories

References include:

Kevin Costello and Owen Gwilliam, "Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory”

Kevin Costello, “Renormalisation and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism”

David Ayala and John Francis, “Factorization homology of topological manifolds”