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Graduate course on Topological recursion
Preschool to workshop "Quantum topology and geometry"
Université de Toulouse, 9th-13th May.


Outreach: Math en Jeans

I gave a lecture (lycée level, in French) for the Math en Jeans Congress, at Lycée Français de Düsseldorf, April 4th 2017.


Outreach: Trajectoires

I participated to Trajectoires, a radio podcast on mathematical culture, animated by Fibre Tigre (in French).


Mini-course: Introduction to random matrix theory,
Summer school on Stochastic Processes and Applications, National University of Mongolia, August 2015


Mini-course: A walk through the woods of integrability,
Hannover University, July 6-7th 2015


Master course: Random matrix theory
Bonn University, Wintersemester 2014-15


Mini-Course: Theory of loop equations and applications
MIT, Fall 2013



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