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Conference: Geometry, Integrability and Moduli
MPIM Bonn, July 29th-August 2nd 2019



Workshop: New directions in the mathematics of
Coulomb gases and quantum Hall effect.
Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, July 1st-5th 2019



Workshop : Geometric and categorical aspects of CFTs
BIRS Oaxaca, September 24-28th 2018



Summer school : Log-correlated days
Hausdorff Center Bonn, June 11th-14th 2018



Workshop : Young researchers in string mathematics
MPIM Bonn, November 27th-30th 2017



Thematic trimester : Combinatorics and interactions
IHP, Paris, January-March 2017



Conference : Asymptotic analysis and probability in strongly coupled systems
HCM Bonn, 11-16th January 2016



Workshop : Topological recursion and TQFTs
MFO Oberwolfach, 14-20th February 2016



Workshop : Geometric quantization and topological recursion
MPIM Bonn, 24-28th November 2014



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